50 Difficult Words With Meaning

It’s not easy to examine some difficult words on the spot. therefore, If you daily go through these words, then you’ll actually able to learn them and can use anywhere you want instantly, but in order to use them, you will require a good list of all so, here are the 50 Difficult Words With Meaning- Tweet this

50 Difficult Words With Meaning

50 Difficult Words With Meaning

Vocabulary is a critical component for anyone preparing for a competitive exam, and mastering it is crucial when administering a test. You can only learn so many words at a time; there is a limit to how many words you can pack into your head at one time. Learn only a few difficult terms at a time until you fully comprehend their meaning. So, lets learn 50 Difficult Words With Meaning and Try to construct phrases containing challenging words and apply them in your daily interactions with others.

Our minds function properly, and we learn things better when we engage in enjoyable activities. Learning difficult words may appear to be tedious, but we can make it fascinating and enjoyable. You and your pals challenge one another by constructing posters with meanings; this type of activity will keep you occupied and allow you to quickly remember the difficult terms. If group activities do not appeal to you, compile a list of 50 Difficult Words With Meaning and review them shortly before going to bed; this will aid in your learning of the words.

So, Here is a list of 50 Difficult Words With Meaning

  1. Abnegation- Renouncing a belief or doctrine
  2. Aggrandizing- Enhance your power, money, or position by yourself.
  3. Alacrity- is a word that means excitement.
  4. Anachronistic- out of order in time
  5. archetypal- the epitome of a particular type
  6. Ascetic- a spiritual discipliner who practices self-denial.
  7. Beguile- means to deceive or deceive someone.
  8. Blandishment- Intentional flattery for persuasion
  9. Cajole- Persuade through flattery or persuading.
  10. Callous- Disregard for others
  11. Camaraderie-  is a feeling of camaraderie that arises from familiarity and sociability.
  12. Circumlocution-  entails expressing oneself in a non-directive manner.
  13. Clamor- to shout something loudly
  14. Cognizant- is the state of being aware of or realizing something.
  15. Construe-  to interpret or add meaning to something.
  16. Convivial- a pleasant ambiance or pleasant company
  17. demagogue-  is a politician who utilizes language to appeal to ordinary citizens’ biases and wants.
  18. Defame-  to make fun of someone.
  19. Didactic- morally oriented instruction
  20. Distinctive- of a different kind
  21. Eclectic- a person who gathers the greatest ideas and styles from a variety of sources.
  22. egregious-  morally repugnant or egregiously terrible
  23. embezzlement- Misappropriation of funds
  24. Enervate- lacks vigor or is mentally or morally exhausted.
  25. Ephemeral- only exists for a short time.
  26. equanimity- Maintaining composure under stressful times
  27. Stupid- lacking in intelligence
  28. gratuitous- uncalled for or unwarranted
  29. iconoclast- someone who criticizes or attacks cherished concepts and beliefs.
  30. Idiosyncratic- anything unique to a person
  31. incumbent- refers to something that is ethically obligated.
  32. Continually- regular
  33. libertarian- is someone who believes in the concept of free will.
  34. licentious- Someone who is promiscuous
  35. Mendacious-  is a word that means “deceitful.”
  36. multifarious-  diverse -multifaceted
  37. Obdurate-  means obstinate and unwilling to modify one’s mind.
  38. Ostracism-  is the practice of removing a person or a group of people from society by a majority vote.
  39. pejorative- showing dissatisfaction
  40. pertinacious- someone who is obstinately resistant
  41. Phlegmatic- a person who shows little or no emotion.
  42. Promulgate- to announce or broadcast
  43. Quotidian- something that happens on a regular basis
  44. recalcitrant- defying authority
  45. Sanctimonious- the act of pretending to be morally upright in order to demonstrate moral superiority.
  46. Solipsism-  is a philosophical system in which just one thing is known: one’s own existence.
  47. Travesty- falsification of facts or impersonation
  48. Ubiquitous-  is a word that means “everywhere” or “omnipresent.”
  49. Vicissitude-  is a term used to describe an undesirable or unpleasant shift in one’s circumstances or fortune.
  50. vociferous- something or someone who is offensively/ glaringly loud.

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