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America Ki Kul Abadi

America Ki Kul Abadi- United States of America is the entire name of America, and it is one of the names of the most powerful nations. America is a fairly developed nation; you can observe modernity here.

America Ki Kul Abadi

America Ki Kul Abadi

America Ki Kul Abadi- A research claims that America has the most wealthy citizens. Here, the majority of the world’s billionaires live, and overall, the standard of life is significantly greater than in other nations.

This explains why there are so many people living here who are citizens of other nations. Popular social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are currently major American corporations.

The largest city in America is New York, which is also regarded as the nation’s economic capital. Washington, DC, serves as the nation’s capitol. American citizens primarily speak English. However, there are also pandas, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Korean, and Spanish.

Terms Of Population

America Ki Kul Abadi- In terms of population, America is the third-largest country in the world. According to one estimate, there are 331,893,745 people living in America, or 33 crores. India is the next-largest country in terms of population after China.

America is the fourth-largest country in the world by total area (9,833,517 square kilometres). This indicates that America has a population density of 36 people per square kilometer. 83.7% of Americans live in cities,

which is where most people prefer to reside. 17% of people, however, favour living in a village. The population of America is 100 crore smaller than the population of India if you compare the two countries’ populations.

Living Conditions

All of the people living in America are of Indian descent, and they are there for work or school. The dollar is the official currency of the US, and one dollar is equivalent to $75 to $80 in India. This is another circumstance for which a large number of Indian nationals labour in the United States.

Hindus make up 1% of the US population. In other words, there are 32 lakh Hindus there. By the way, Hindus living in America also have quite wonderful conditions. In the US, there are about 47% of Hindus who have a postgraduate degree. The majority of the Hindus living there also have far greater incomes than foreigners living in America.

In addition to this, Hindus play a very small role in these criminal instances. This nation’s population is growing at a 0.9% annual rate. By 2050, the population of America is expected to surpass 38 crores.

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