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Bharat Ka Kul Kshetrafal Kitna Hai

Bharat Ka Kul Kshetrafal Kitna Hai- India is a diverse nation where many different religions have followers. By the way, the Indian empire used to be much larger than it is today, but through time, it broke apart and was divided into numerous parts.

Bharat Ka Kul Kshetrafal Kitna Hai

Bharat Ka Kul Kshetrafal Kitna Hai

Past Conspiracies

In the past, Pakistan was also a part of India; however, after India gained independence, Pakistan split away from India and today continues to hatch various conspiracies against India. India is the second most populous nation in the world by population, with about 136 crore people as of the present. In a similar vein, if we discuss its region, India is also listed among the top 10 nations in that region.

Let’s talk about how big India is now, and I’ll tell you that it currently covers 3.287 million km2, or 32,87,263 square km. Huh. The overall length of India, measured from east to west, is 2,933 kilometres. Similar to other countries, India is 3,055 kilometres long from north to south and has 15,300 kilometres of seacoast. By doing this, you must now have a solid understanding of India’s overall geographic location.

Seventh Largest Country

India is the seventh largest country in the world in terms of area, which means that there are six other countries that are larger than India. India is also included as one of the largest countries in the world. Tell us which nation has a larger surface area than India. The area of India was discussed above, and it is well known that it ranks seventh in terms of size.

Bharat Ka Kul Kshetrafal Kitna Hai- However, did you know what proportion of the world’s total area India makes up? If not, we will inform you that it does. scattered throughout 2.42% In other words, India owns 2.42% of the world’s total area, whereas Russia owns a maximum of 11%. This shows that despite having a smaller area than other nations, India is the second-most populous nation in the world.

Interesting Facts Regarding The Region

Here are some interesting facts regarding the region of India that you should be aware of.

  1. India’s state with the most population is Rajasthan.
  2. India’s smallest state in terms of population is Goa.

In terms of population, Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in India.

1. Uttar Pradesh is therefore the fourth-largest state by area.
2. India’s total forest area is 781871 sq km, or 23.81% of the country’s total land area.
3. India has 91.53 million hectares of irrigated land in its whole.

Bharat Ka Kul Kshetrafal Kitna Hai- Friends, we sincerely hope that you found this information to be interesting and that you also enjoyed reading this post. We also hope that you will find the information we have provided to be extremely helpful to you.

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