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Bharat Ki Vartman Jansankhya

Bharat Ki Vartman Jansankhya- India is a very large country. In terms of land area, India is the sixth largest country in the world. In terms of population, India is the world’s second most populated country, trailing only China.

Bharat Ki Vartman Jansankhya

Bharat Ki Vartman Jansankhya

When it comes to the first number, China comes in first. However, given the rate at which India’s population is growing, it is expected that India’s population would surpass that of China by 2027.

Let us remind you that India’s population is calculated every ten years. According to the 2011 census, India’s total population was above 121 crores. If we include the entire world, the population totals more than 7.7 billion people.

According to this, India accounts for 17.7% of the global population. Let us remind you that the census was conducted in 2011, and the population of India was 121 crores, with a male population of 6,23,700,000 crores and a female population of 58,64,00,000 crores.

India’s Current Population

However, there are numerous websites on the Internet that are constantly counting the world’s population. According to one of these websites, World Meter, India’s current population is 1,396,105,140 people (one billion 39 crore).  India’s population is expanding at a pace of 17.64% per ten years.

Bharat Ki Vartman Jansankhya- In the first ten years, it was 21.54 percent. This suggests that the rate of population expansion has slowed, and the main reason for this is increased knowledge. The Indian government is raising awareness about the rising population through a variety of programmes.

Most Populated State In India

Let us remind you that the most populated state in India is Uttar Pradesh, which is ranked first, and Maharashtra is ranked second. We have given you the total population of India’s states and union territories. In addition, we have provided you with a list of the world’s most populous countries. I hope you found this post to be informative.

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