Different Types of Heels

There are many ways for Styling different types of heels for different outfits different such as the different types of high heels shoes which you can fit with any dress you want . Heels are worn by women’s to gain back their happiness of being taller and height creates an aura for every women which makes your personality looks totally different from the shorter ones. 

Different Types of Heels

Different types of heels sandals  make the appearance look longer and many as per their interests. there are many heels in which you feel easier to walk and many are there which looks terrible and they aren’t easy to wear and walk as well. People like to wear different types of heels, according to their tastes and choices,  the appareling adornments they find pleasing and attractive by wearing heels .

They may carry heels when they look and feel good wearing them, their self-image increases and they want to show and share what they have achieved with others. As it gives you confidence as well so, you develop a better understanding and others pays attention to you. Different types of heels- This sense of achievement provides a kind of confidence that they have the sense to make good choices and they are able do other tasks when presented.

This situation was meant to naturally happen each time a person chose their attire, but when society started dictating which items of apparel a person could choose to wear, the freedom to wear items as their taste desired was violated. Having to wear from what others chose for you just isn’t the same and doesn’t result in the same degree of confidence.

Different Types of Heels


Many people says that wearing different types of high heels makes your bumps look bigger and many says it’s a myth . and basically, 1 to 3 inches of heels are good for women’s but nowadays we have so much of variety of heels that women’s can stop themselves to try all. And have you ever wondered what are Different Types of Heels called ?

Without any doubts , heels are soo attractive and eye catching that  they make the looks of your outfits more stunning after wearing them. You can look so attractive if you wear a tee, a jean and high heels shoes and different types of heels on women’s shoes .

Let’s have a look on different types of heels with names and pictures we have :     

1. Fantasy Heels:

These different types of heels on ladies shoes are available in different patterns and these are so awkward to wear on jeans and simple casual tops as people can make fun also just because of the patterns these heels have .but you can wear  them with any fancy dresses.

Different Types of Heels

2. Espadrille Heels: 

These Different Types of Heels you can wear with your jeans , your western dresses, ethnic dresses . they are simple in designs and easy and comfortable to wear. The base of these heels is wide so that you can’t fall easily.

Different Types of Heels

3. Comma Heels:

Comma heals are simple and stylish and they you can wear them with all your outfits .there structure and design is so fascinating .also, you can wear them with any outfit you want. We not only have 2 or 3 different types of heels but we have many options.

Different Types of Heels

4. Chunky Heels:

Chunky heels are basically of high heels and you can wear them with your traditional dresses and your ethnic dresses as well. they are comfortable to wear and you carry them all kinds of outfits. they give relax to your feet’s as well.

Different Types of Heels

5. Corset Heels:

Corset heels are designed with so nice structures with laces. these can be of either heels or either in the shape of boots till ankle length . these heels goes best with western dresses or with shorts. The M.Gemi The Esatto brand in these heels are most comfortable to wear.

Different Types of Heels

6. Mules:

As per my concern, mules are the best footwears to carry with any outfit you want, they go best with every outfits. and they are easy to wear with no strips and no chains. The mules with a thick base are easy to carry with no chances of falling.

Different Types of Heels

7. Spool Heels:

A spool heel is designed in an hourglass structure which is broader from top and bottom and narrower in middle. they are so fashionable to wear. they have a cotton base which are soft and relaxes your foot. they have another categories of boots as well which covers your half legs.

Different Types of Heels

8. Ankle Boots:

These are the different types of heels on cowboy boots Ankle booties remains always in style and they look really very good if you carry over your jeans or if you carry them with shorts and long waist .and they are longer and high in heels. You can carry them with your shorts , jean or even the short dresses.

Different Types of Heels

9. Ankle Booties:

They are different from boots , boots are long and these are short. You can carry them with short dresses or jean. they have thick base and a comfortable base to relax your foot. you can wear them for long hours.

Different Types of Heels

 10. Cork High Heels:

Cork heels are lightweight heels and they are good for your feet’s as well. these are one amongst the most comfy heels to walk with style and these heels have a great ability to absorb water in wet areas also . so, they protects you from damages.

Different Types of Heels

11. Pumps:

Pumps are the best heels for those who wants to wear them with no feet pain as they are high from front so doesn’t make your feet feel sick or tired . you can wear them for long as well. they can be used for casual and formal wearing.

Different Types of Heels

12. Wedge Heels:

Wedge heels are the best heels which provides comfort while walking for a longer time duration and ideal for those who doesn’t have habits of wearing heels much . they are considered to be the best alternative. Let’s talk  more about names of different types of heels on shoes.

Different Types of Heels

 13. Cut out Heels:

Cut out heels have a stylish pattern and are basically high in heel . you can wear them with any outfits you want. they have a modern design and similar to the ankle boots.

Different Types of Heels

14. Kitten Heels:

Kitten heels are designed in very different way that looks so fashionable and stylish .these heels are mainly just of 1 or 2 inches long , easy and manageable to walk .it’s a great alternative to high heels, they  are short in heels . they are perfect for a on the go women as they are comfortable and easy to walk in.

Different Types of Heels

 15. Stilettos:

All the Different Types of Heels specially Stilettos are very long in heel. the base of these heels can either be so thin or so thick . they can create pressures while waking as their radius is so small. there are chances of getting leg sprains as they are long in heels which can not be considered perfect for all.

Different Types of Heels

 16. Ankle Strap Heels:

The ankle strap heels can be either of very high heel or can be of lower heel of 2 to 3 inches tall. and as the name suggests ankle , they have straps near arch or around your ankle. you can wear them with every kind of outfits. many are designed with pencil heels and many with broad diameter.

Different Types of Heels

 17. Cone Heels:

Cone heels are wider from the sole and narrow from base . the heel size may differ according to the structures. they are comfortable to wear as they have a thick base but high heel with thinner base may cause problems in walking.

Different Types of Heels

 18. Sling Heels:

Sling heels are heels material types that are similar to the kitten heals in structure but they have more height than the kitten heels .they are ideal for day to day wearing. they creates a pressure on your feet while walking as they have a high heel but base is so thin making your legs feel pain.

Different Types of Heels

19. Platform Heels:

These platform heels are so comfortable to wear other than stilettos as they have a thick base big diameter which gives relax to your feet with no pains and can wear them for all day. they are 3 to 10 cm in height and are so comfier to walk. the broad base of these heels can never make you fall easily.

Different Types of Heels

20. High Heel Sandals:

High heel sandals are similar to the stilettos which comes basically in 3 to 5 inches of heel . high heels look very stylish are are so attractive which makes the look more cool with every outfits. these are the types of heels in india that helps improving your confidence and improves posture as well . but, they are not ideal for long hours.

Different Types of Heels

 21. Peep Toe Heels:

Peep toe heels are a type of shoes which are open from front makes your feet shown out of it. these heels can be used for the formal and casual purposes both. So now you get to know what are the different types of heels that are comfortable to wear which you can carry with skirts , shorts and jeans.

Different Types of Heels

22. Ballroom Dance Shoes:

Ballroom dance shoes are made to feel comfortable for some purposes which are used by the professionals  and they can be worn everyday. these are so essential for every ballroom dancer and can be used till 5 months or more. these Different Types of Heels with names have higher heel or lower according to the needs.

Different Types of Heels

23. French Heels:

These different types of heels french are high in heels and are of different varieties like heel pattern, shoe pattern or mules pattern with straps. they are comfortable to wear . which you can carry with any outfits you want.

Different Types of Heels

 24. Oxfords:

Oxfords heels are the best heels which looks like a shoe and have good ratio of heels . they can be worn with jean and they creates a formal look which are ideal for the business women’s . they are comfortable to walk like a shoe but with heel to make them look more cool. you get a good observations about these types of heels with names and pictures.

Different Types of Heels

 25. Medium Heels:

Medium heels or  the latest block heels are medium in heights as name suggests itself. they are easy and comfortable to wear with nice pattern that are similar to ankle strap heels but they have generally low heel . they can be used for casual purposes. And works well with every outfit. So, these are the pictures for Styling different pattern of heels for different outfits.

Different Types of Heels

 26. Valentino Heels:

Different Types of Heels

 27. Red Bottoms Heels:

Different Types of Heels

 28. Blue Heels:

Different Types of Heels

 29. Croc Heels:

Different Types of Heels

 30. Butterfly Heels:

Different Types of Heels

Does Wearing Heels Have Bad Impact On Your Health ?

Wearing Different types of heels can calm you, impresses you from within but you need to take certain precautions as well .Heels look very attractive to girls, but maintaining a good posture can have serious health consequences. It is one of the most successful trends in the global fashion market since its inception.


Today, we have more than 1000 different designs with millions of different styles available in every corner of the globe. They have become an important wardrobe but there is a dark side to this popular fashion trend. Heels disrupt the balance of the muscles around the ankle joints leading to instability and balance problems. It can cause permanent stiffness and shortening of the Achilles tendon in the heel.

Some studies indicate that wearing different types of heels can also increase the risk of arthritis. High heels create a lot of pressure on the front of the foot leading to a rash, ingrown toenails and moreover nerve damage. Prolonged heel donations can cause spider veins formation in your calves.

In order to walk on the heels, your spine needs to move abnormally, a process that compresses your lumbar erector muscle of your spine. The result is lower back pain. But all of this can be prevented. Try to wear healing for special occasions only. Choose platform heels or wedges over those pencil heels for better body support. And try to wear heels as low as possible.

Because the health effects of poor posture can vary greatly due to the submissiveness of the whole human body. However, poor posture can cause short-term and long-term problems that most people do not want. The first negative that comes to mind is pain.

When a person has bio-mechanics of poor posture, often starting with an internal head cartilage, they can expect pain in the upper part and neck. Good personal appearance is important, but at the same time, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with your health. so, there’s nothing trying different types of heels but you need to take care of your health as well.

Some Important Measures Taken Trying Different Types of Heels

  • Different Types of Heels- First, go shopping at the end of the day, when you travel a lot. The next step is about “long-term” comfort, about how well you can wear heels comfortably.
  • For this, the only way I like to buy heels from different brands (for health, I mean that) is to choose those products that you see that you can wear for a long time comfortably. Producing the love of your best friend is probably not the best thing for you. Therefore, the choice must be individual.
  • Different Types of Heels- Are the shoes a good fit? There are no spaces, not too tight, and you feel right from toe to heel.
    Do they feel balanced when they stand and walk in them? The heel, placed under the center of gravity, does not move from the foot.
    Is the property scratching, stretching, heavy or uncomfortable? (Does it look like it will look bad in the long run?)
    How do your toes, ankles, and calves feel? (Is heel height comfortable for you?)
  • Different Types of Heels- Is the shoe suitable for the area / area / function you intend to use it for? (If you are going to dance in the shoes, play the right style of music, and try some of the dance techniques; are the shoes quick to turn and spin? What about quick steps? Check the saliva to see if it is slippery.)
  • different types of high heels- Do the shoes look good and do you have matching clothes? Look in the mirror and think about the different clothes you are planning on.
Conclusion: Different Types of Heels

There are many Different Types of Heels available and nowadays , we’ve plenty of heels available which we can wear according to our own convenience and comfortable level. The only reason behind wearing Different Types of Heels can make you look taller! and also, it makes you help change your posture as well. When you stand upright with your shoulders back, that time we realize the importance of tall height and it gives you confidence as well of touching heights.

Try carrying high heels alone if you have fear of falling or you wouldn’t be able to balance properly, then walk alone for sometime. The higher the heel, the more necessary this is. Heels helps you pushes your hips forward, which tightens your buttocks and stretches your thigh muscles as well. The fact that you need to stand up straight also pulls your tummy in which is a great support for the chubby ones. Perhaps it is simply because you have a better posture and when you have a good posture, you always look great.

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