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Duniya ka Sabse Amir Aadami Kaun Hai

Duniya ka Sabse Amir Aadami Kaun Hai- Here’s a list of Top 10 big personalities who are counted as the Richest personalities in the world. Do read the full article and increase your knowledge.

Duniya ka Sabse Amir Aadami Kaun Hai


Duniya ka Sabse Amir Aadami Kaun Hai

1. Elon Musk is worth $273.2 billion.

Elon Musk is currently the world’s richest person. Their net worth is $273.2 billion. His name appears among the most revolutionary persons of the twenty-first century. I say this because his firm, Tesla, manufactures electric automobiles, and electric cars are the future.

In addition to this, his second enterprise is Space X. Which is working to make space travel more convenient. Aside from that, they have several IT firms that make them very wealthy.

2. Bernard Arnault (Bernard Arnault) – 152.2 billion dollars

Bernard Arnault, a French investor, has surpassed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest person. LMVH is his company’s chairman and CEO. Their total assets are at $ 152.2 billion.

LMVH is a luxury brand that invests in a variety of high-end products such as watches, apparel, jewellery, perfumes, and so on, as well as Bernard Arnault and a variety of other enterprises. As a result, their income has significantly increased.

Duniya ka Sabse Amir Aadami Kaun Hai

3. Gautam Adani and his family- 152.1

Gautam Adani jumped to the second spot in the Forbes billionaires list shortly after a 3.49 per cent increase in his net worth, leaving 
behind Bernard Arnault and Jeff Bezos, who were second and third in the earlier list. However, due to the market crash on Dalal Street, 
Gautam Adani quickly lost the second spot and is now ranked third in the Forbes list of 10 billionaires 2022.

4. Jeff Bezos – 146.9 billion dollars

Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon, is currently the world’s second richest person. Their entire assets are valued at $ 146.9 billion. He established Amazon in 1994. His company began by selling merely books, and it has since grown to become the world’s largest e-commerce corporation. Aside from this, Amazon is investing in technology in a variety of ways. As a result, Jeff Bezos makes a lot of money.

Duniya ka Sabse Amir Aadami Kaun Hai

5. Bill Gates – $104.6 billion dollars

Bill Gates has a net worth of $ 104.6 billion, making him the fourth richest man in the world. Bill Gates does not require an identity, as he has been the richest person in the world for a long time.

6. Larry Ellison – $96.8 billion dollars

With a net worth of $ 96.8 billion, Larry Ellison, the owner of the world’s most recognized computer technology business, Oracle, is the sixth richest person in the world. That is enough to place him among the world’s billionaires. Apart from that, it is the owner of America’s 41st largest island.

Duniya ka Sabse Amir Aadami Kaun Hai

7. Warren Buffett – $95.9 billion dollars

Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is also named among the world’s ten richest persons. He is currently the ninth richest person in the world, with assets of $ 95.9 billion. His name is in the list of the world’s most successful investors.8.

8. Mukesh Ambani – 91.3 billion dollars

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, is the second richest Indian, with a net worth of $91.3 billion, and the eighth richest person in the world.

Duniya ka Sabse Amir Aadami Kaun Hai

9. Larry Page – $88.8 billion dollars

Larry Page, the founder of the world’s most recognized search engine Google, has a total wealth of $ 88.8 billion, making him the sixth richest man in the world. Google bought YouTube in 2006 for billions of dollars, and Google has many other technology businesses. They make a lot of money from this.

10. Sergey Brin has a net worth of $85.2 billion.

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, is also on the list of the world’s richest people. They are worth $85.2 billion. This makes him the world’s eighth richest man. Sergey Brin and Larry Page built Google into the world’s most powerful company. Google has long been the world’s leading search engine company.

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