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Right Fashion Style

Fashion As Freedom To Empowerment And Beyond

Fashion As Freedom To Empowerment And Beyond means the majority of garments sold to women are frequently not particularly comfortable. However, there is a distinction between dressing stylishly in high heels and putting together a balanced appearance that doesn’t make you feel constrained.

Fashion As Freedom To Empowerment And Beyond

Fashion As Freedom To Empowerment And Beyond

Today, the word “empowerment” is frequently employed. It has devolved into a meaningless jargon, much like innovation. In the realm of fashion, the question is whether we should use or provide fashion to empower users. Studying fashion empowerment is similar to travelling down the depths of the human experience of self and society, down a spiral.

Fashion As Freedom To Empowerment And Beyond- On the outside, there is the plainly obvious: how clothes make us feel. sexy underwear can, under all circumstances, make one feel immensely sensual. Body-conforming underpants or a blazer with shoulder pads can have a very significant empowering effect on a person’s self-image.

This was beautifully addressed in the well-liked BBC makeover reality programme What Not To Wear, hosted by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine. The focus of the show was more on choosing body-flattering attire than making fashion statements in the gym. It was emancipation via clothing. Similar programmes are becoming more prevalent in the media nowadays.

Political Aspects of Fashion

The political aspects of fashion become more apparent as one descends the spiral. However, what about the H&M underwear advertising, which are frequently the size of a football field and display more skin than many people feel comfortable with? In the West, burqa-wearing women are seen as emblems of oppression.

We also wanted to remind designers that even the unfit lot deserves clothes that are not only practical and comfortable, but also fashionable and makes them feel good about themselves.

Many “healthy” people would be surprised to learn (as I was) that someone with a “disability” might prefer to celebrate rather than hide what makes her stand out from the crowd. We intended to offer a voice to individuals who were never represented in fashion magazines, including those who were too short, too tall, too huge, too small, and just plain out of place.

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