Right Fashion Style

Right Fashion Style

Fashion Designing Presentations

Designers study fashion trends and interpret them for their target audience. Manufacturers employ their unique designs. This is what a designer’s job is all about. Gain Some Knowledge here on Fashion Designing Presentations.

Fashion Designing Presentations

Fashion Designing Presentations

Make a presentation plan

Fashion Designing Presentations- To ensure an effective and exciting presentation, it is critical to plan ahead. Consider the presentation’s aim and objective first. It could be for a fashion forecasting or prediction board that shows directional styles and trends.

It might be for a fashion design board, a promotional drawing, or a magazine, newspaper, or television advertisement. A typical design presentation may comprise any or all of the following ingredients, depending on the design brief, target market, and presentation purpose:•

The designs illustrated on the fashion figure and/or as detailed working drawings.

  • Swatches of cloth (all the fabrics used in the designs). The colour narrative (palette) includes all of the colors used in the design as well as colour options if necessary.
  • Trims have been used.
  • Images captured on film. Presentation Design A presentation that perfectly displays the clothes’ design, materials, and colorways. The display is dominated by a half figure, with two smaller figures providing balance.

Techniques of presentation

1.  Theme: The presentation should have a strong theme to set the tone, as well as a brief title of three words or less. The textiles, Neutral Organza’s; the season, Winter Woven; or the merchandise’s gimmick, Pop Culture, Emperor’s New Clothes, Gothic Rock, Metamorphosis can all influence the concept. If at all possible, avoid utilizing year identification because it immediately dates the work.

2. Pose: Pick the right pose for the appearance you’re going for, such as a sophisticated pose for a classic mood or a wacky pose for a funky look.

3. Figurines cropped: Will all of the figures be full-length? In the front, one bigger, cropped figure can work nicely with a number of smaller full-length figures in the backdrop. Only crop if there is no relevant design detail in the lower part of the figure.

4. Number of figures: The figures don’t have to be the same size; altering the scale can provide visual interest. One huge scale figure in the foreground, for example, can be dynamic.

5. Anchor the sketch: A shadow effect can be utilized to anchor a figure to the paper, preventing it from appearing to float on the page.

6. Text: The text should be written in a way that matches the presentation’s atmosphere. For instance, if the theme is strong, the wording should be as well. If the handwriting is readable and appropriate for the presentation, it is allowed. Using computerized or transfer lettering could be a more professional technique.

Fashion Designing Presentations

7. Descriptions: Brief descriptions of clothing designs, fabrics, and colors may be required.

8. Collage: To capture the essence and concept of your presentation, use everything from photographs, computer created graphics, magazine clippings, coloured tissue paper, clear film, foil, feathers, string, sand, etc. to create a 3D dynamic impression.

9. Fabric: Using any of these methods, prepare swatches to fit the display format.

10. Border: A design presentation can benefit from being surrounded by a border, much as a photograph can benefit from being in a frame.

11. Flat Mount: Use light-weight, complementary-coloured card or board for flat mounting (light weight card is ideal for portfolios as it is more portable when it comes to weight). When weight isn’t a concern, boards are more commonly utilized for display.

12. Portrait and landscape layouts: Portrait is the recommended form for portfolio presenting since it immediately corresponds to the standing figure. A landscape layout is typically utilized for men’s and children’s presentations, as well as when there are more than two photographs, although there are no hard and fast rules.

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