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Getting Critical Why Should I Create Anything

Getting Critical Why Should I Create Anything which is confusing and illogical given that we recently learnt that we are swiftly depleting resources that genuinely belong to our children. In addition, my crammed closet serves as a daily reminder that I already have too much stuff.

Getting Critical: Why Should I Create Anything

Getting Critical Why Should I Create Anything

We all know that there are numerous issues in the fashion sector, and many people see the future as being even more bleak because of the current economic situation. Increasing consumption seems to be the answer to the recession,

Additionally, we are exporting rubbish around the world and landfills are overflowing. We must simultaneously address issues like poverty, pollution, and global warming. It doesn’t feel like a terribly satisfying solution to me to consume more.

It’s evident that we need to make significant, radical changes in all areas of life, not just fashion, and it sometimes feels like progress is achieved far too slowly. We are used to thinking of designers as the ones making things prettier or more plentiful so that consumers will continue to buy.

Getting Critical Why Should I Create Anything- Therefore, it’s simple to feel like we are not making enough of a difference in bringing about these changes or that we are contributing to the problem rather than the solution as a designer or as a citizen, for that matter.

 Generating Less and Utilizing Less

Getting Critical Why Should I Create Anything- I’ve felt a terrible sense of guilt as a result of reading and hearing about all these issues we are having. The person who made the clothes I’m wearing and how much they were paid are both thoughts that won’t leave my mind.

What happens to the clothing I’ve made once its life cycle is over? Isn’t it more sustainable to avoid adding to the mountain of already out-of-date items we already have when we have too much stuff?

Getting Critical Why Should I Create Anything- Why should I develop anything if sustainability is about generating less and utilizing less? Why should resources that could be used for something more vital be used to develop my design?

Making anything sustainable is undoubtedly the only way to advance, but in light of these concerns, it is simpler to comprehend how fashion is not sustainable than how it ever could be. Even more perplexing is the conundrum that sustainable fashion itself is.

Using organic Materials

Getting Critical Why Should I Create Anything- Given that it is based on consumption and change, how can fashion be sustainable? Sustainability became a forced means through which I attempted to absolve myself of responsibility for my work.

I made a valiant effort to create a sustainable product, such as my clothing, by using organic materials, but I was constantly disappointed to learn that my creation or idea wasn’t actually so sustainable.

Getting Critical Why Should I Create Anything- The question of why my product should exist in the first place is not resolved by changing the materials alone.

What is the sense of constructing something and putting a lot of work into it if it will just be thrown away or stored in a cupboard after a few years? My frantic attempts failed to lessen my guilt, and I wasn’t having the desired effects. I began to believe that because I couldn’t create a sustainable product, I wasn’t a good enough designer.

I felt as though I had to choose between quitting and doing something else or finding a method to continue working in this industry while maintaining my moral integrity. I decided to give fashion one final try before checking my compass again and changing my course to follow a clear conscience.

Getting Critical Why Should I Create Anything- This required acknowledging my ignorance, beginning to voice questions that I had previously kept to myself, challenging conventions, and capturing an entirely genuine creative process while being able to explain each step.


It felt appropriate to begin my new course with asking what is design and why do I study it from the beginning because I had been doubting the effectiveness of design. The position of designer was developed to satisfy the demands of industrialization, but our needs today are very different.

Do we still require designers? The profession of a designer, much alone a fashion designer, is typically considered to be rather superficial. Of course, aesthetics matter. People base their decisions on their experiences when making decisions based on what they see.

Getting Critical Why Should I Create Anything- Could there be more to fashion than just appearances, though, without downplaying the significance of aesthetics? Isn’t the core purpose of design to solve problems rather than produce more things?

And don’t we need problem solvers right now? Therefore, designers have a lot of work to do, and if I don’t take action, then who will? Everyone is aware that waiting for someone else to take care of my needs would not be effective.

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