How to Write Mail to HR for Job

While unemployment is currently low, competition at top companies and for any role considered a “dream job” is always fierce. Getting into the inboxes of the right people can help you build valuable relationships and stand out in a sea of talented applicants. So, here are few ways How to Write Mail to HR for Job.

How to Write Mail to HR for Job


How to Write Mail to HR for Job

Sample 1- How to Write Mail to HR for Job

Dear HR Department Manager,

I am very interested in applying for the Data Scientist position that you recently advertised on (job portal name). My educational credentials and internship experience are in line with the job requirements. I would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate my value addition for this job role.
Please find my resume and cover letter attached. It would be my pleasure to speak with you about this exciting opportunity. I’m excited to see how this turns out.

Thank you very much,
Your Name


Sample 2- How to Write Mail to HR for Job

Dear (Recipient’s Name),

I’m writing to inquire about a position as IT Manager at your reputable company. Your company has always been a dream place to work for the brightest in the industry, including myself, as a pioneer in AI-assisted e-commerce technologies.

As the lead engineer of Blackthorn Tower’s ground-breaking augmented reality software, I have over ten years of industry experience and some unique experiences and skill sets. My unique perspective on the challenges of developing next-generation AI systems and their industrial applications distinguishes me from even the best in the field.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with your hiring manager or someone in your IT department to discuss how I can apply my experience and expertise to assist you.

Yours Sincerely,



Sample 3- How to Write Mail to HR for Job

Dear Mr./Ms. Name of Hiring Manager>,

I recently discovered a job opening on your website and would like to apply. The position of Software Engineer at ABC Company (Job Ref. No.) and its requirements are exactly what I’m looking for.

I recently graduated from XYZ College with a degree in Software Engineering and am now looking for an opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills in a reputable organisation such as Company Name>.

As a qualified Software Engineer, I am skilled in application development and enhancement, which I believe will be beneficial to the company.

Please take a moment to review the attached cover letter and CV for your review. It would be great to hear from you regarding my inquiry.


Your Name


Contact Information

E mail Address


Sample 4- How to Write Mail to HR for Job

Greetings, Mr./Ms.

I am writing to apply for a recent job opening for the position of ‘Software Developer’ that was advertised on your website. The position and responsibilities appear to be exciting and relevant to my interests and career goals.
For your consideration, I have attached my cover letter and resume for your review.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am always available via email and phone.
Getting in Touch
Mail Address


Sample 5- How to Write Mail to HR for Job

Dear [Name of the hiring manager],
My name is [insert your full name], and I’m writing to apply for your [insert title of post] that I learned about from [insert the person who told you about the post or mention the website where you saw it]. I have a strong track record of [insert your relevant accomplishments] and am confident that my skills and knowledge would benefit your company.

Please find my resume and [insert other relevant documents such as a cover letter or a competency test] attached. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.
I look forward to learning more about [insert how you intend to assist your new employer in his or her endeavors].


your complete name

your current position’s title

contact information via email

phone number

How to Write Mail to HR for Job

These are some of the Samples on How to Write Mail to HR for Job.

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