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India ka Sabse Amir Rajya

India ka Sabse Amir Rajya- On the basis of population, China is followed by India. India is the seventh-largest nation in the world by area. Let us inform you that India has a total of 28 states.

India ka Sabse Amir Rajya

India ka Sabse Amir Rajya

Let us clarify that when compiling the list of wealthy states, the state’s economy as well as every person’s income, business, and property were taken into account. A list of wealthy states is created in this manner.

India ka Sabse Amir Rajya- India was ranked as the strongest and fastest-growing nation in the most recent poll, according to GDP data, which measures a nation’s total output after excluding all deficits and imports. goes. Which will be Bharat Ka Sabse Amir Rajya in 2022, please?

Maharashtra is ranked first on this ranking as the richest state in India. Mumbai serves as Maharashtra’s capital. Mumbai is referred to as India’s financial capital. The state of Maharashtra now has a 32.24 lakh crore GDP. Maharashtra’s overall per capita income is $1,660. Mumbai is where most millionaires and billionaires reside.

Second Richest State In India

According to this list, Tamil Nadu is the second-richest state in India. Tamil Nadu, the state with the most impact on India’s IT industry, is headquartered in Chennai. The state of Tamil Nadu now has a GDP of Rs 19.43 lakh crore. The largest economic contributor to Tamil Nadu is the automobile industry in the city of Chennai.

A study indicates that Tamil Nadu’s per capita income in 2014–2015 is $3,000 The Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu are renowned across the world for their Dravidian design. Cities are home to 50% of Tamil Nadu’s population. According to this list, Uttar Pradesh is India’s third richest state. Lucknow serves as Uttar Pradesh’s capital.

The state of Uttar Pradesh has a total GDP of Rs. 17.05 lakh crore. The most populous state in terms of population and the fourth-largest state in terms of territory in India is Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is frequently referred to as India’s agricultural state. because it supports 18.9% of India’s food grain production.

Fourth Richest State In India

According to this list, Karnataka is India’s fourth richest state. India’s largest IT cluster is located in Karnataka. India’s top silicon-producing state is Karnataka. Karnataka’s GDP is 16.65 trillion rupees. National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, temples, etc. can be found in the state of Karnataka.

India ka Sabse Amir Rajya- According to this list, Gujarat is India’s fifth-richest state. Gandhinagar serves as Gujarat’s capital. Numerous sacred religious sites can be found in Gujarat. The first state in India that is well-known for the international commerce in diamonds and stones is this one.

Many renowned sons of this nation were born in Gujarat, including Mahatma Gandhi and Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, the founder of the Arya Samaj. Gujarat currently has a total GDP of Rs. 16.49 lakh crore.

India ka Sabse Amir Rajya- The top 10 richest Indian states will be revealed to you today. You can determine which state in India is the richest by looking at this list. You must have wondered at one point or another how the list of wealthy states is compiled.

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