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Internet Ki Khoj Kab Hui

Internet Ki Khoj Kab Hui- We, who are constantly utilizing the internet, are frequently seeking to find the answer to the question, “Who discovered the internet after all?”

Internet Ki Khoj Kab Hui

Internet Ki Khoj Kab Hui

The DOD, or Department of Defense, was the first to use the Internet. The Internet was first used by the US Department of Defense via the UCLA and Stanford Research computer networks.

To communicate information on the Internet, a rule or rather a rule was created, which was known as TCP or IP. Following that, the internet was employed for the first time in the British Post Office. ARPN, or Advanced Research Project and Agency, established this network in 1980.

Following this, in 1980, Bill Gates agreed to install a Microsoft operating system on IBM’s computers, and in 1984, Apple used files and folders, drop down menus, mouse, graphics, and so on to properly use the Internet.

When was internet invented in India?

Internet Ki Khoj Kab Hui- Guys, if we talk about when the Internet was invented in India, let us tell you that for the first time in India, Internet service was launched on August 14, 1995. Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited was the first corporation in India to provide Internet access to its citizens.

This company has connected the computer via broadband for the first time in the country. Internet Ki Khoj Kab Hui- In the beginning, only a few Oggs were able to connect to the Internet because the speed of the Internet was quite slow. This speed is now measured in MBPS, however it was formerly measured in KBPS.

Terminology of Internet

FTP = FTP is an abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol. It is used for file transport. This is a typical network. This programme and terminology are used to transfer information between the client and the server.

IP Address = Its full name is Internet Protocol, and it is a computer address from which the location of the server may be determined.  ISP = Another abbreviation for Internet Service Provider.

The full name of the company is internet service provider. A service provider that gives a user an account on a host computer with Internet access. LAN Means Local Area Network; its full name is Local Area Network.

It is such a local organisation that ensures Internet access to a specific region. We utilise this tactic on a daily basis, yet we have no idea what it means. Despite the fact that it is a broad term.


Internet Ki Khoj Kab Hui- In this article, you learned about internet ka avishkar kisne kiya and other internet-related topics. I hope you enjoyed this article. We hope that the information provided in this article will be very beneficial and useful to you.

Internet Ki Khoj Kab Hui- Now that the Internet is such a massive data-connected network, it must have some proprietors. Who is the proprietor of the Internet is a frequently posed question.

The answer is that no one owns the Internet, nor does any single person or huge organisation have complete control over it. The Internet is supported by a physical infrastructure that connects one network to another.

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