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Internet Ki Khoj

Internet Ki Khoj Kab Aur Kaise Hui- Because the Internet is a very Powerful Technology which is linked to millions of computers all over the world, it keeps millions of individuals connected to one another.

Internet Ki Khoj

Internet Ki Khoj

The Internet is such a vital and ever-changing technology that it is impossible for a single person to discover or invent it. Many people were involved in the development of the Internet; everyone contributed effort and time. That is why the internet service we have today is the result of more than 40 years of hard labour.

Many scientists and engineers have contributed to the advancement of this technology. Furthermore, because it is always changing, individuals are still working on enhancing it and adding new features. There is no simple answer to this question because the internet is not for creating or inventing minor items.

Computer Technologies

It is also true that the military developed several early computer technologies for themselves, and they collaborated to pay the first connection between large and huge computers, which occurred about 1960. But if you’re looking for true inventions, go no farther than Kahn and Cerf, who created the Internet frameworks that are still in use today.

He established the ground principles and began constructing the invisible infrastructure on which we all rely. Berners-Lee discovered the World Wide Web in 1989. This is the same platform that we use today to connect to the Internet. But one thing is certain: without people like ARPANET and Vinton Cerf, today’s internet would not exist.


Internet Ki Khoj- As a result, it would be inappropriate to attribute sole credit to any one person for the development of the Internet; rather, we should all acknowledge their contributions.

The Internet as it is now is the result of all of these wonderful people’s efforts. The development of the Internet transformed the globe; Today, the Internet is so crucial that if it is down for a minute, millions of crores are lost. From which we can glean a wealth of knowledge and disseminate it to the public.

Internet Ki Khoj- The Internet operates on an international network, connecting people from all over the world. The World Wide Web is regarded as the most significant way for the Internet since the Internet cannot be used effectively until it is connected to the Internet.

Stanford Research Institute

You will need the World Wide Web to get any information; without it, no information can be found. When UCLA and Stanford Research Institute computers were networked to create the first Internet in 1969, the DOD (Department of Defense) was the driving force behind its development.

This Internet allowed for the sharing of information. a guideline for this network was subsequently developed by ARPN (Advance Research Project in Agency) in or around 1980, and in 1980, Bill Gates struck an agreement to properly utilise the Internet and install a Microsoft operating system on IBM’s PCs.

Internet Ki Khoj- In 1984, Apple introduced the “Modern Successful Computer,” which had files and folders, drop-down menus, the usage of icons and graphics, among other features.

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