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Multiplication Sums for Class 2

Multiplication Sums for Class 2- is the process of calculating the product of two or more numbers in mathematics. It is a basic arithmetic operation that is frequently used in everyday life. When we need to combine groups of equal size, we use multiplication.

Multiplication Sums for Class 2

Multiplication Sums for Class 2

Multiplication is a mathematical operation that represents the fundamental concept of repeated addition of the same number. The numbers that are multiplied are known as the factors, and the result of multiplying two or more numbers is known as the product of those numbers.

Multiplication is used to simplify the task of repeating the same number’s addition. Different symbols are used in mathematics. One of the most commonly used math symbols is the multiplication symbol. The multiplication of two numbers 6 and 9 was demonstrated in the preceding example.

When we look at the multiplication expression (6 9 = 54), we can see that the symbol () connects the two numbers and completes the equation. Multiplication is represented by the mid-line dot operator () and the asterisk sign (*) in addition to the cross symbol ().

Multiplication Sums Examples

The order of the numbers in multiplication is irrelevant. So go with the order that feels most natural to you. When using the multiplication tables, students may remember 4 9 more easily than 9 4. When multiplying three numbers, choose the two that are the easiest to multiply. Multiplying 5 17 2 is difficult, for example, if we try to multiply 5 17 first. Multiplying 5 and 2 instead yields 10, which can be easily multiplied by 17 to get 170.

When multiplying a two-digit number by a one-digit number, it can be useful to divide the two-digit number by the place values. Then multiply and add each part. For example, 37 4 can be mentally solved by dividing 37 by 30 + 7. So 30 4 = 120 and 7 4 = 28. As a result, the final answer is 120 + 28 = 148. While this may appear to be more difficult to solve when written down, it is much easier to solve mentally.

Multiplication Sums for Class 2- Multiplication Sums for Class 2- Even if you don’t remember the multiplication fact, you can easily figure it out mentally. For example, the number 17 9 is difficult to remember. However, this can be mentally restructured as 17 (10 – 1). As a result, the answer is 170 – 17 = 153.

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