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Pakistan ka Kshetrafal

Pakistan ka Kshetrafal- In terms of land area, it is rated 36th in the globe. Pakistan has a sea boundary line with the Arabian Sea that is approximately 1046 kilometers long, and a land boundary line that is 6,744 kilometers long. 2430 km to the north-west of Pakistan.

Pakistan ka Kshetrafal

Pakistan ka Kshetrafal

Pakistan currently covers a total area of 796,095 square kilometers. In terms of area, it is ranked 36th in the globe. Pakistan and the Arabian Sea share a land border that is 6,744 km long and a maritime border that is roughly 1046 km long.

Pakistan is 2430 kilometers to the northwest Shares a lengthy border with Afghanistan. 909 kilometers in the southeast. 512 kilometers to the northeast is Iran, and 2912 kilometers to the east is China.

It seems to be India. With numerous tall Himalayan mountain peaks, Pakistan’s northern region is mountainous. In terms of both size and population, Sindh is the second-largest province in the world.

Provincial Capital of Sindh

Pakistan ka Kshetrafal- Karachi serves as the provincial capital of Sindh, which has a 140,914 square kilometer territory and an estimated 47,886,051 inhabitants as of 2017. The province of Sindh has a total of 30 districts.

In terms of both size and population, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the third-largest province in Pakistan. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has Peshawar as its capital, and it spans 101,741 square kilometers.

There are 35 districts total in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Baluchistan is the fourth most populated province in terms of population and the largest of Pakistan’s four provinces in terms of area.

Quetta serves as the provincial capital, and Baluchistan comprises 347,190 square kilometers, or 43.6 percent of Pakistan’s total land area. Baluchistan has a total of 34 districts.

Most Populated Province

Punjab is both the most populated province in terms of population and the second-largest province in terms of territory in Pakistan. Punjab has a population of 110,012,442 as of 2017, is 205,344 square kilometers in size, and has Lahore as its capital. Punjab province has 36 districts in total.

Pakistan ka Kshetrafal- Pakistan was established in 1947, following the division of India, and it is bordered by Iran, China, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and India. Pakistan has a majority-Muslim population, with 96.47% of people identifying as Muslims.

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