Right Fashion Style

Right Fashion Style

Performance Art Meets Fashion Design

A group of modern practitioners who work at the intersection of the disciplines of experimental fashion, clothing, and performance are highlighted in the book Fashion & Performance, which explores the creative space between fashion, architecture, and performance. so, Let’s read this article which is based on Performance Art Meets Fashion Design.

Performance Art Meets Fashion Design

Performance Art Meets Fashion Design

By reinterpreting their significance, one might reflect on the consumption and use of clothing. Leena Kela used conceptual self-irony in her performance, Redefining the Meaning, to explore sustainable design methods and our daily consumption habits.

She asked, “What is the meaning of each piece of clothing for its user? How do they define the user? How can these definitions be changed or played with? What kinds of new meanings can be produced?” New perspectives on the persons hiding behind the garments were sparked by the performance.

The history of the project on fashion empowerment was examined in this article. It broadened our perspectives on social design in fashion and demonstrated how art can assist us in approaching fashion and clothes in a variety of ways.

Design Experiments

Through this initiative and design experiments, we learned fresh information about the empowering potential of clothes. We won’t give up on the idea that anything is possible, including transformation in the fashion industry. Additionally, we won’t give up on making that adjustment.

Performance Art Meets Fashion Design- The artist dressed oneself in one piece of clothing while simultaneously telling herself the significance behind it on various levels and the tale behind it. The plot developed piece by piece as the process went on, and eventually the artist was donning 15 blouses simultaneously.

Performance Art Meets Fashion Design- The study also questioned how it was conceivable that wearing clothes on a daily basis could be so enjoyable when the garments being utilised as a starting point are not in style.

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