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Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 2

The Second Step: Independence: A Divided Legacy, Here is a review/Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 2 of Samvidhaan. Read This Full Article which will give you a short understanding about the Samvidhaan Episode 2.

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 2

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 2

It is only reasonable that one fully comprehends the Constitution in order to be able to defend. Sadly, as a people, we have not taken the time to study the Indian Constitution. Additionally, opinion leaders have not really tried to provide us the constitutional insights that are so crucial to a democracy’s operation.

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 2- Geopolitical phenomena known as partition divides countries into sections. India was split into three sections during the partition, as if two limbs of a trunk had been removed. Despite the fact that history books contain numerous explanations for its causes, it was a requirement of Independence.

Indian Constitution

India became an independent sovereign democratic republic with its own constitution on January 26, 1950. The first battle of independence in 1857 saw Indian soldiers rebel against British colonial control and attempt to draught their own constitution, which led to the creation of the Constitution of Independent India on that day.

The authors of the Indian Constitution believed that relying solely on these political theorists would not adequately address India’s unique concerns. They therefore placed a lot of reliance on the British Constitution. The absence of a written Constitution in Britain is the only issue. Private papers of numerous Constituent Assembly members also shed insight on what happened during the laborious process.

Sovereign Democratic Nation

On January 26, 1950, India attained independence and became a sovereign democratic nation with its own constitution. The Indian troops’ attempt to draught their own Constitution in 1857 as a form of rebellion against British colonial rule led to the adoption of the Constitution of Independent India that day.

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 2- Later, under the direction of Mahatma Gandhi, a significant endeavour to draught a constitution was begun during the early twentieth-century freedom movement. A Constituent Assembly made up of over 300 men and women from various political backgrounds and geographical regions met in the Central Hall of Parliament on December 9, 1946. To draught a constitution for a free India was their goal.

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