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Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 5

The Fifth Step: Strengthening The Weak: Minority, Women and Backward Rights, Here is a review/Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 5 of Samvidhaan. Read This Full Article which will give you a short understanding about the Samvidhaan Episode 5.

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 5

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 5

Shyam Benegal, a renowned director, is known for numerous noble deeds. He created several masterpieces in both film and television that practically made him indestructible. We have discussed, and will continue to discuss, the outstanding television series he directed, Bharat Ek Khoj (which is based on the well known book named – Discovery Of India – by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru – the first prime minister of India).

A miniseries titled Samvidhaan: The Making of the Constitution of India was directed by Shyam Benegal. This television programme, which explored the process of creating the Indian Constitution, was released on Rajya Sabha TV on March 2, 2014, in ten sections or episodes. Samvidhaan episodes, which were supposed to show on Sunday morning, are now accessible on Rajya Sabha TV’s official YouTube account.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Role

In this phase, the weak, including women, people of colour, and those with underdeveloped rights, had their rights strengthened. Since 1916, the issue of the minority’s political rights had been brought up, and in response, the English handed them 18 different elections based on classes, faiths, etc. in an effort to split them out.

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 5- Mahatma Gandhi was fighting against a separate electorate for the lower classes while incarcerated in Pune. He believed that if the public had been separated into classes, they would have remained that way forever. He wanted an electorate where everyone had to choose a leader from a minority backward class.

Samvidhaan Committee

The Samvidhaan committee included members from minority communities when it was established. Everybody was now given the same chance to speak for themselves and their individual courses in the committee. The constitution made reference to properties in constraints of public interest for minorities to protect them from the wealthy and prosperous.

Non-tribal people were not allowed to purchase tribal lands, but tribes were permitted to retain their lands. In order for minorities to catch up with everyone else and avoid falling behind in the future, it was agreed to provide support for them for ten years. The freedom to practice and spread one’s own religion was now available to all citizens.


Untouchability had to end and was declared to be a crime. Following that, the committee was required to give the findings to Rajya Sabha. Reservations in government positions would be offered to underprivileged populations. Regardless of the candidate’s gender, religion, or other affiliations, a common electorate had to be established.

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 5- Because people feared that if only the untouchables received reservations, the other classes would be left behind, the OBC was added in addition to the SC and ST. People in a community were free to choose their own personal law as a result of reforms to personal law. Despite the fact that they had not received any equality rights.

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