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Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 6

The Sixth Step: Whose Land is it?: Land Reforms and Acquisition, Here is a review/Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 6 of Samvidhaan. Read This Full Article which will give you a short understanding about the Samvidhaan Episode 6.

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 6

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 6

Here, they discuss the abolition of the Zamindari system and engage in a lengthy discussion about whether or not to include the “Right to Property” as one of the Fundamental Rights in the Indian Constitution. Clause 19 is mentioned by Sardar Vallabhai Patel at the very beginning of the episode.

According to him, “No movable or immovable property of any person or corporation, including any interest in any commercial or industrial undertaking, shall be taken or acquired for public use unless the law provides for the payment of compensation for the property taken or acquired and specifies the principles on which and how the compensation is to be determined.”

This demonstrates that the then-leaders of India attempted to abolish the Zamindari system while attempting to use the lands for the public good and provide fair recompense to the proclaimed owners. The conflict starts when the Constitution’s authors want “Just” payment while the Zamindaris demand a lucrative compensation structure.

Continuation Of Story

Swara Bhaskar continues the story by stating that “the word ‘Just’ was introduced into the Act of 1935 by the British, but during the construction of the new Constitution, this word was passionately discussed among the committee members.” A liberal who claimed to favour clause 19 said, “Sir, I stand to support the provision,” while the discussion went on.

This constitution is being drafted for a free India, and even though the British arrived 200 years ago and are now leaving as a result of our request, we are still asking them to leave. Both the British and the landowners made significant profits by engaging in exploitation.

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 6- I ask that any compensation for the purchase of any property be minimal. Later, Sardar Vallabhai Patel defends the clause’s original intent and approves the purchase Bill without having an impact on the zamindars.

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