Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 8

The Eighth Step: Federalism: Linking The States And The Centre, Here is a review/Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 8 of Samvidhaan. Read This Full Article which will give you a short understanding about the Samvidhaan Episode 8.

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 8

Summary of Samvidhaan Episode 8

In the eighth episode of the show, Nehru, played by Dalip Tahil, is seen working at his desk away from the assembly hall where most of the action takes place. By portraying such a scenario, Benegal depicts an aspect of a politician’s life that we hardly ever see in public, namely the contemplative thoughts of a serious political leader.

History has taught us that the majority of India’s nationalist leaders were involved and attentive both in public and privately, where they wrote letters, novels, and even short stories. Such representations, though, are uncommon in mainstream films, for instance. Politicians are frequently portrayed in such a medium as either cunning, deceitful, or manipulative, or as extraordinarily talented individuals who leave the normal person speechless.

Benegal instead emphasizes the reflective nature of politics and, thus, the constitution-writing process. Samvidhaan transforms the notion of politics itself from the popular understanding of politics as a pursuit of narrow self-interest to an articulation of the collective good by portraying Nehru in this way and recounting the numerous thoughtful interjections and comments made by many members of the constituent assembly.

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