" Step into the front office of the Golden State Warriors as they orchestrate a game-changing trade that sends shockwaves through the NBA.

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If Paul can stay on the floor, he could provide a veteran voice to the second unit that lacked an identity last season and was in need of a more established leader.

Golden State will have greater financial freedom after this season to potentially boost its team with other elite free agents since the Warriors no longer have to worry about paying for Poole and Klay Thompson, barring an extension, will be off the books next summer.

Paul, who turned 38 in May, has a lot of health issues. The future Hall of Famer missed Phoenix's final four playoff games due to a groyne ailment, which also limited him to 59 regular-season games last year.

Otto Porter Jr. and Gary Payton II are two examples of players who have had success with the Warriors' training staff, under the direction of Rick Celebrini, in regaining their health.

Paul may offer the second unit, which struggled to find its voice last season and was in need of a more experienced leader, a veteran voice if he can stay on the floor.