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What’s the Difference Between Accept and Except

Many words in the English language have the same sound yet have very distinct meanings. As a result, using phrases like accept vs except can be confusing. We can, however, make it simple for you to learn these words which are different from each other but sounds somewhat same.

What’s the Difference Between Accept and Except

What’s the Difference Between Accept and Except- There are also words that are spelt and sound the same but have various meanings, or words that may be spelled in multiple ways! It can make even native English speakers dizzy, and it makes learning English as a second language that much more difficult.

You’ll notice a tiny contrast at the onset of the words if you pay attention to their distinct phonetics. The distinction is there, even if it’s a little difficult to hear. What’s the Difference Between Accept and Except- The words accept and except are interchangeable. This means that they are words that sound the same when spoken aloud yet have different meanings.

If English is your second language, you may find it difficult to understand. But don’t worry; the goal of this essay is to clear up any confusion that may have arisen as a result of the use of these terms. Accept and accept have quite different meanings, despite their similarity in pronunciation.

What’s the Difference Between Accept and Except- When we say accept, we are implying that we believe in or accept something. Except, on the other hand, denotes exclusion or unless. To help you recall the difference between accept and except, here’s a simple trick. Consider both the positive and bad aspects of these words.

When we’re talking about something favorable, we usually use accept. Accepting an award, for example. In contrast, except is usually used in a negative connotation, such as to leave something or someone out.

Accept and Except in a Sentence

ACCEPT means to take something which anyone offers to you or to receive something from anyone. 

FOR EXAMPLE:- 1. I will not accept this gift from you.

2. She has been accepted for national sports in Delhi.

EXCEPT here means to exclude someone or something from a group of things or people.

FOR EXAMPLE:- 1. We will go for a party tonight but except her.

2. In a group of people, when someone says- only except her, all are invited.

What’s the Difference Between Accept and Except- It’s evident now that accept and accept don’t mean the same thing. What should we do to recall the distinction between accept and except, given their similar sounds and spelling? The first three letters of the word except are the most typical way to distinguish between these two concepts. We’ll compare it to exclude because it’s ‘exc’.

What’s the Difference Between Accept and Except- Both names are spelled the same way and have the same meaning. The meaning of except can thus be deduced from the first three letters.
Accept, on the other hand, starts with the letter a, while agree likewise starts with the letter a. As a result, you can recall the meaning of this trick just by thinking about it.

Examples of Accept and Except

  • I’m sorry, but we don’t accept credit cards at our shop.
  • Late submissions are not accepted by my professor.
  • I’m afraid I won’t be able to accept you as my husband.
  • Except for Jenna and Linda, I’ll invite everyone to the party.
  • Except for guava and litchi, Christie enjoys all fruits.
  • Except for February, all of the months have 30 or more days.
  • I don’t know anything at this moment except that my mum loves me.

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